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The DUI process begins with an arrest. Usually this happens when a police officer pulls the driver over for committing a traffic violation, such as running a red light or speeding.

An officer may also suspect criminal activity and pull someone over if he or she notices something that indicates said criminal activity, ordinarily called "probable cause". An example of probable cause could be when an officer notices a pile of empty beer bottles in the back of the driver's car and thus have cause to investigate further. A DUI arrest can also come about through an arrest warrant.

Ultimately there are many circumstances that can cause a police officer to make a DUI arrest. However, DUI arrests can also be challenged. Due to the fact that every arrest is different, there might have been a number of circumstances that may cause a DUI arrest to be challenged. If an individual's rights were violated, or the arrest was unlawful the court may decide to disregard certain pieces of evidence that would otherwise be used against you.

It is extremely important to have experienced attorneys available to you that know the court process. At The Genesis Law Group, our Los Angeles DUI defense attorneys are dedicated to providing you with aggressive legal representation. Make sure to give us a call, in order to provide you with the best representation possible.